Here’s some general questions that usually come about when deciding to pursue video production:

  • What is the quality of my video?

Using professional JVC cameras, we capture all the action in 1080p HD, creating crisp, clear as day videos that easily illustrate the athlete’s work on the playing field. This also allows us to get some great close up work for training drills and practices.

  • How long will my video take to put together?

From our initial contact, we try and put the videos in the hands of our clients as quick as possible. It depends on the project, but once we have all the footage, our standard recruitment videos usually take 2-3 weeks to edit given the time of year and certain dates/holidays.

  • Can I use my own footage?

Usually, no. Unless it’s captured in HD format and meets our guidelines, we usually like to start from scratch and grab our own footage. That being said, if you do have high quality footage at hand, we can discuss using it in our product as well.

  • Does my video go anywhere else other than me/my family?

The videos will be given to the client digitally, but in some cases DVD’s or USB’s can be setup to have a hard copy. We will highlight your videos on our website and social media platforms, which is outlined in our waiver form. Click here to view the document.

  • Do you offer revisions?

We sure do! If there’s something that doesn’t satisfy your vision, we’ll make the appropriate changes to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want out of your video.

  • Can I add custom music to my video?

We like to avoid any copyright infringement, so we will take care of the music that’s put into your video, but most of our standard work doesn’t actually include music. If you’re looking to go down a more artistic route, we can discuss what tone of music you’re looking for, and we’ll be able to find the right fit. Sorry, no Justin Bieber on your highlight video!

  • Can I have the raw footage?

To keep the production costs down, it’s our policy that we don’t release the full, un-edited game footage to our clients. If you’re a coach looking to inquire about our game review package, that’s a different story, but for athlete videos, no can do. If you’re looking to re-purpose some raw footage for another future project, we archive the raw footage for around a year, so if you want to revisit things down the road, we got you. We can also offer the footage as stock clips, starting at 5$/second.

Didn’t answer your question? feel free to Contact us and we’ll get back to you right away!

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