Saanich Swan Lake - Nature Preschool Oct 22 2018
Photo by Kevin Light Photography

Varsity Creations is founded, owned and operated by me,  Tyler Bennett. Currently, I split duties at both CHEK News and Roll. Focus. Productions in Victoria, B.C. My life-long passion has been sports; ever since I was five years old I’ve been dwelling around hockey rinks, baseball diamonds and many other sports venues.

Growing up aspiring to one day become a professional athlete, the dream died fairly quickly, so I decided to turn my attention into telling stories within sports instead. I began as a play-by-play hockey broadcaster, but wound up in sports journalism through an unpaid internship with CHEK. With little to no experience, Jeff King decided to take on a 19-year-old University drop out and mentor him about the ins and outs of sports journalism and broadcasting. It was also at CHEK that I met Mike Walker, another person I look up to and a huge part of my venture thus far in the world of sports journalism, video production and live stream broadcasting.

After a year or so, I decided to attend BCIT’s Broadcast & Online Journalism program in Burnaby, where I honed my skills as a storyteller and got the chance to work in one of Western Canada’s biggest markets, learning from some of the industry’s leaders along the way. After graduating in 2017, I returned back to Victoria to continue working at both CHEK and Roll. Focus.

With my unique blend of work in both sports journalism and video production, this new venture of mine combines my true passion of sports with my skill set that I’ve acquired in both of my jobs. With shooting on high quality cameras at sporting events being my main job for the last several years, you can ensure the footage captured at your athlete’s practice/game will be top notch. My goal is to help local athletes reach the next level through showcasing their talents.

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