First Recruitment Video

It’s been admittedly a slow burn, but seven months after the idea turned into reality, the first recruitment video has been completed. Working with Spectrum High rugby player Katie Hall and her family, we put together a 3-minute recruitment package in hopes of her rugby career going overseas. And I’d like to think, this video gives her a better shot than before we got together to make this video.

Katie’s mother Andrea first reached out to me back in April about the opportunity to put together a video for Katie; this being the first real recruitment video I had to put together, there was some boundaries to overcome in terms of putting in my mind what I saw, and taking the client’s vision and making both ends meet. Once we had a similar idea in mind, I ventured out to a total of three events. With the sport being rugby sevens, games are extremely short, and Katie only played half of the games most of the time, which really stressed the “lightning-in-a-bottle” you need when shooting sports for exciting things to happen. While the first event didn’t give us a lot to work with, the second and third shoots later on provided us with more than enough content to fill the time needed for the video.

Once all three shoots were completed, it was time to go into the editing process. Again, being the first video of its kind, creating a quick and simple graphics template for the start of the video ate up some time, but it’s a vital piece for collegiate coaches to know some vital information about the athlete and maybe learn a thing or two about their personality. Once that was made, the editing went by pretty quickly, inserting the best plays Katie made, but also some not-so flashy ones as well, to set the example to coaches what she does when maybe the play isn’t totally surrounded by her.

Overall, this was a great experience to work on and really get the feeling for what this could be, and after months of speculating, and drawing up plans, it has finally come full circle. Thanks to Andrea & Katie Hall for being so awesome throughout the entire process!


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