The First Project

After a few busy months elsewhere, our first big project is complete. For their big BCHL playoff push, the Grizzlies reached out to me and asked if I could put together a one minute playoff promo video focusing on the team and their captain Alex Newhook.

The video was shot and edited on a quick timeline, I received the first call on Tuesday and was at the shoot Saturday night. I showed up to the rink around 5:30pm and didn’t put a camera down for the next five hours, capturing footage from warm-ups until the final whistle. While I didn’t use footage from the warm-ups, I was also instructed to gather footage for future usage as well. I took two Lumix GH5’s with me on the shoot, one with a telephoto lens for up-close and personal shots along with another that had a wide lens on a gimble for some moving shots, most of which are used in the first part of the video.


The edit happened in under a week as well. I began working on the piece pretty much the day after the shoot, and with playoff series happening in quick succession, the video had to be pushed out very quickly. After a couple minor graphics edits, (which I was almost green with coming in), the video was sent off to the Grizzlies and published on their social media platforms the same night.

This video is a great example of capturing a lot of footage, with little manpower, on a short time frame. I’m excited to start this partnership with the Victoria Grizzlies and work on more projects down the road.

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